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Medical Doctors, Dentists to distinguish themselves from ‘Book Doctors’, others


In the best interests of their patients, Ghanaian medical doctors and dentists have taken a firm stand to distinguish themselves from those holding PhDs and Honorary Doctorate degrees.

The Ghana Medical Association has decided that medical physicians would be referred to as Dr(Med), while dentists and dental surgeons will be referred to as Dr(Dent).


According to a press statement released on January 3, 2024 and signed by GMA President Frank Serebour, the new designations will take effect on January 1, 2024.

“Members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) at the 65th Annual General Meeting held in Takoradi in November 2023, having deliberated extensively on issues of patients’ rights, patient safety and quality healthcare among others, decided on new designations to be used by all Medical Doctors and Dentists in Ghana effective 1st January, 2024.

The designations are as follows:

Dr. (Med) for Medical Doctors

Dr. (Dent) for Dentists/Dental Surgeons

Medical Doctors and Dentists with additional academic titles will prefix these titles with their academic titles as appropriate. For example, Medical Doctors or Dentists with a professorial rank appointment and/or a PhD qualification may be designated Prof. Dr. (Med), Prof. Dr. Dr. (Med), Dr. Dr. (Med), Prof. Dr. (Dent), Prof. Dr. (Dent) or Dr. Dr. (Dent) as may apply,” the press release said.

It advised GMA members to replace their name tags and requested the media to refer to its members correctly in light of the new designations.

“All Medical Doctors and Dentists/Dental Surgeons practising in Ghana are therefore to take note and change their name tags, practitioner stamps and other relevant materials to reflect the change. Members are encouraged to wear their name tags at all times at work to ensure clear and easy identification in the interest of patients and public safety.

All Medical Doctors and Dentists should readily show their designations when asked by patients or the public. We implore the media and the public to take note of the new designations and refer to Medical Doctors and Dentists as such,” the release added.

Medical physicians, dentists, and PhD holders are all addressed as doctors, which often causes misunderstanding. The revised designations are thought to address the issue.


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