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Cycling Will Be Among the Activities at the 2023 Aboakyer Festival, Says Neenyi Ghartey VII, He’s Excited


Neenyi Ghartey VII, the supreme chief of the Efutu Traditional Council, has expressed his happiness at the addition of new sporting events to the yearly Aboakyer Festival in Winneba.

Speaking at the media centre at the Accra Sports Stadium’s announcement of the 2023 Aboakyer Cycling Race, he said the festival has previously been marked with sporting events like the marathon and tennis, and now on April 29, 2023, cycling will be included.


He claims that the Aboakyer is an energetic event where people can be seen running and jumping everywhere, and he is pleased that cycling will continue to be one of the activities that highlights the festival.

He delivered a brief overview of the Aboakyer Festival’s history, explained how the Asafo Companies came to be, and explained why it was necessary to enter the bush in order to capture a live antelope for sacrifice to the god.

He had high hopes that Winneba’s youth would develop an interest in cycling, just as they had in other sports.

He prayed and pleaded for a safe, fair, and wonderful competition in which the finest cyclist would triumph.

In order to show sportsmanship and fair play, we are pleased to be a partner of the Aboakyer Cycling Race alongside the Winneba Sports College and the National Sports Authority, he emphasised.

All riders were pushed by him to be ready and compete fairly for the alluring rewards up for grabs.

The General Secretary of the Ghana Cycling Federation (GCF), Mr. Shaaban Mohammed, expressed his happiness that a race will take place in Winneba while he was in office.

He gave a schedule for the 90-kilometer event and made hints that the top riders will compete for three jerseys and magnificent rewards.

Additionally, he urged businesses to join the festival because it would be very interesting and would help Ghana prepare for the World Cycling Championship in Glasgow, Scotland, where he has invited the Paramount Chief of the Efutu Traditional Council to represent Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

Since Aboakyer has persisted for a long time and requires skill, strength, and consciousness to win, Professor Peter Twumasi, Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), who was a Special Guest at the launch, believes that one day hunting sports will be added to the sporting disciplines in Ghana.

At the launch, Nana Adu Mankatta, President of Sports For All Association, made a commitment to help the Aboakyer Festival Cycling Race succeed.

There were a few chiefs from the Efutu Traditional Area in attendance, along with representatives from the University of Education at Winneba, who had come to support Neenyi Ghartey VII.


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