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Lizzo’s incredible transformation shocks fans ahead of Super Bowl


Lizzo has debuted a surprising new hairstyle, sporting a mullet in a recent social media video. The “Good As Hell” singer posed for the camera, showcasing her choppy and textured haircut while asking fans for their opinions on her transformed appearance.

“DO WE LIKE THE MULLET?” she asked her 12.4 million Instagram fans.


The overwhelming response was “YES!”

“We love whatever look on you because you literally never miss!!!” said another.

“YES obsessed! You’re stunning always!” one fan wrote.

Many fans commented that Lizzo’s new rock-and-roll hairstyle resembled the iconic looks of Tina Turner or Joan Jett, praising the edgy vibe it exuded.

“I was going to get (a mullet) last month … now I’m really gonna get it … because Lizzo, you look fabulous,” one fan noted.

“It’s quite lovely. The mullet perfectly frames your face. You look fantastic. 👏🔥❤️” gushed another.

Lizzo shared another post showcasing her new mullet haircut, this time pairing it with a leather skirt and an off-the-shoulder top.

“DRUNK IN VEGAS UHOH,” the pictures were captioned.

Lizzo was in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, which she playfully dubbed “The Usher concert”.

Usher performed at the halftime performance, which also included a surprise cameo from Alicia Keys.

“The Usher Concert 😂😂😂😂,” one person commented.

Lizzo, the Grammy Award winner, has recently debuted a new haircut, and fans have also noticed that she appears to have lost weight. This observation was made when she was modeling items from her shapewear line, YITTY, in January.

Lizzo made a declaration of “New year, new me!” as she appeared wearing a blue crop top and matching leggings, showcasing various outfits from her shapewear line.

She excitedly remarked that the shapewear made it seem like she had been to the gym when she actually hadn’t. Fans took notice of how good she looked in the outfits.

“You look amazing Lizzo!” one fan wrote.

“We see you shedding pounds, love,” another said. “Even tho (sic) you were beautiful before!”










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