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Teenager Rocco Zikarsky speaks about joining Brisbane Bullets in the NBL on Sunrise


At just 17 years old, Rocco Zikarsky is making waves in the basketball scene in Queensland with skills that belie his age.

Standing at an impressive height of 220cm, he has caught the attention of the Brisbane Bullets in the National Basketball League (NBL) as one of their youngest recruits.


During an appearance on Sunrise with Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington, Zikarsky expressed his excitement, describing his entry into the NBL as a dream realized.

“I (have) been watching my whole life, watching the Bullets in Brisbane, and finally putting on that jersey was one of my childhood dreams,” he said.

Zikarsky acknowledged that he was nervous before his recent debut.

“I was shaking, it was a restless night before that,” he said.

Zikarsky stated that he had learnt to love his towering physique.

“For me, I like to stand out. (But) you get the occasional odd question (about my height) — but I like talking about my height,” he said.

Rocco Zikarsky is emerging as a promising talent in the NBL, with many predicting a bright future for him in the league. Due to league regulations, he won’t be able to play in American leagues like the NBA until 2025.

Despite his towering height of 220cm, Zikarsky acknowledges some challenges that come with his stature, such as navigating through airplanes, doorways, and low ceilings.

Additionally, with his size 18 shoes, he is currently seeking a shoe sponsor to support his athletic needs.

“I’d love to one day have a shoe deal — I love my shoes,” he said.



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