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Harry Connick Jr’s daughters reveal the problem with Aussie men


Harry Connick Jr.’s daughters, Georgia, Charlotte, and Sarah Kate, chose to stay in Australia after visiting when their father was filming Australian Idol last year. They are currently living in Sydney and embracing the single life. While they are thoroughly enjoying the city, they have one minor complaint about Australian men.

“To be honest, they’re a little reserved,” Georgia told as they walked the AACTA red carpet with their father on Saturday night.


The Connick sisters, Georgia, Charlotte, and Sarah Kate, emphasize that they are approachable and welcome being approached by potential suitors. They mentioned that their parents, Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre, are highly involved in their dating lives and typically invite any potential partners to meet the family by the second date. Even if the girls feel their dates aren’t quite ready for such a meeting, Harry and Jill find ways to meet the individuals who are interested in their daughters.

“They’ll creep up, they’ll be like, ‘that’s so funny, we’re in the same restaurant!’” Georgia told

Harry Connick Jr. expressed his openness to the idea of one of his daughters dating a local Australian during an interview with at the AACTAs. He conveyed his willingness for his daughters to explore romantic relationships with individuals from Australia.

“The Aussie boys, there’s some good guys down here, so I look forward to meeting them as time goes on,” he said.

But he did warn that his girls would not settle for just anyone.

“Our daughters are brilliant, driven, highly discerning and wonderful people that expect nothing but the very best out of everybody who finds them interesting,” he said.

“If they’re anything like my wife, they’re strong women and you gotta love that.”

Prominent figures such as Harry Connick Jr., Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Rebel Wilson, and Ron Howard were among the notable attendees at the AACTAs held on the Gold Coast on Saturday night.







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