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‘Double twins!’: Home and Away star James Stewart baffles fans with family snap


James Stewart, known for his role as Justin Morgan on Home and Away, has captured fans’ attention alongside his identical twin brother, Nick, and their respective daughters.

A photo of the four posing together was shared in a Home & Away fan group, prompting astonishment among viewers due to the striking resemblance between the family members.


“Amazing photos of the girls, they look so much alike. They could pass as twins!” commented one fan, while another amazed follower replied: “Seeing quadruple! Unbelievable! Great photo!”

On another picture shared to Instagram, a shocked fan commented: “I’m an identical twin but wow your daughters are just a spitting image of each other. The photo just looks like a double set of twins. Absolutely Beautiful!”

While another fan joked: “Can you two take a photo where you swap kids so you’re holding each other’s little legend? I just want to see how long it takes to notice- myself included.”

James, an actor on Home and Away, frequently posts pictures on Instagram featuring his brother, daughter Scout, and niece Grace, providing fans with glimpses into his personal life. He shared last year that fatherhood has had a profound impact on him, leading to personal growth and increased empathy.

“[Fatherhood] made me a better man, that’s for sure,” James explained. “I’m more patient, I’m kinder, more attentive, more involved and passionate about life, way more protective and caring. “But most of all, it’s made me more loving. Every night at Scout’s bedtime, I make sure I’m there to tell her I love her. I make sure she hears the words ‘Daddy loves you.’”

With his daughter approaching the age of 13, James opened out about his concerns about becoming a father to a teenager.

“I think all fathers are a little bit nervous about their daughters becoming teenagers,” he laughed. “But I’m also really excited for her. As she develops she will become stronger, wiser, kinder and there will be some difficult days I’m sure.”

“But she will also experience her first love. What an exciting moment that will be for her,” he added. “And I’m not alone. Scout’s stepmother Sarah [Roberts] has been there for Scout just as much as I have to help her develop from a young girl into a young lady.”

Checkout James’s post below:


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