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Relatives of Ejura robbery suspects demand their immediate release


Relatives of two suspects detained by police in Ejura, Ashanti Region, are seeking their immediate release, refuting accusations that they were involved in a thwarted robbery attempt.

The suspects, Alhaji Wahab Suleiman and Ibrahim Abukakari, were apprehended by police during a thwarted robbery attempt.


They are presently being held by police to aid with the investigation, while one other suspect remains at large.

During a gun fight between the policemen and the suspects, one officer was killed and another was wounded.

However, relatives of the accused and other neighbors in the vicinity strongly reject any connection between the two men apprehended and the purported heist plot.

Adam Alhassan, Assembly Member for Sarki Kura Electoral Area in the Ejura Sekyedumase Municipality, called the police statement a pure fabrication and urged that the suspects be released.

The Assembly member also requested that the Inspector General of Police conduct an investigation into the operations of the Police Investigative Department, which he claims is producing difficulties in the country.

“These two are men of integrity and are not armed robbers,” Alhassan said. “Alhaji in particular is an informant of the police in the municipality. The police also said that two suspects were arrested with one on the run, which is a total fabrication of facts.

“The three suspects reported to the Ejura police voluntarily and were told to go to the Mampong police for their statements to be taken, and they were subsequently detained and later charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder, and not robbery as was alleged in the police statement.

“We the family want to use this medium to tell the IGP to monitor and review the operations of the Police Investigative Department since their operations are causing a lot of problems in the police service because any Ghanaian that will meet them will mistake them for armed robbers and we urge the government to free our brothers.”







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