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Fake Nyash Group Of Company -Kisa Gbekle And Her BBL Friends Cause Commotion On Social Media


Kisa Gbekle, a Ghanaian actress, and her pals have created quite a stir on social media with their huge buttocks.

Kisa and her companions were seen in a viral video strolling to a posh restaurant for brunch.


However, because to the unique form of their backsides, some have concluded that all of them had undergone BBL surgery.

Kisa Gbekle said last year that she spent over 60k cedis on cosmetic surgery to make her rear larger.

Kisa detailed the procedure she had to go through to acquire the figure she currently has in various images and videos uploaded on her social media profile.

She also stated how unpleasant the procedure is for those who choose to go through it.

“When Covid came, I was having a lot of fun,” she explained, explaining why she completed the most recent task. I didn’t train since all the gyms were closed; you know how much I trained.

In the video below, she continued that “I was just in my house eating and sleeping. After some time, I started growing fat and I had to think if I would be able to burn this fat to the way I used to be or just go get it done”.

Recounting how she once spoke against liposuctions, she said “although I spoke against it a lot, I said life is just one and this is just me. I have to do this because I need to look good to come to the business that I do so I opted for it”.

Anyway, it appears that her pals have also jumped on the bandwagon of ladies who have gone under the knife for a ripped figure.





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