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Zongo leadership, groups storm Bawumia’s residence in massive show of support


After Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was elected as the NPP’s historic flagbearer, a number of people and organizations from all across the nation have been congratulating him.

Several organizations and people, including members of the Zongo community, paid the new NPP Flagbearer a visit at his Accra home over the weekend to congratulate him and offer their support.


Three important groups in the Zongos made respectful visits to the Vice President: the youth, the imams, and the chiefs.

The sixteen regions’ regional imams, who make up the Council of Regional Imams, came to congratulate and pray for Dr. Bawumia.

The Vice President should keep up his outstanding work, especially his interactions with the Christian community to fortify the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians in the nation, the Regional Imams said, while also congratulating him.

In response to recent criticism of the Vice President by NDC MP for Ningo Prampram on his frequent interactions with Christians, the Imams said that Dr. Bawumia has done nothing wrong by strengthening ties with Christians in order to promote unity and that Sam George’s criticism is unjustified in Islam.

The National Council of Zongo Chiefs, Council of Regional Imams, Ashanti Regional Council of Zongo Cheifs, Wangara Community Ghana, TEM (Kotokoli) Divisional Council Ghana, Council of Inner City Tribal Cheifs and Queen Mothers, Hausa Chiefs of Accra, and Zongo Youth Ghana, an amalgamated Zongo youth group, were among the other groups that called on Dr. Bawumia to extend their congratulations.

The NPP Flagbearer received congratulations from every group and was asked to lead by example.

Dr. Bawumia thanked each group for coming and for their encouragement and support.

He reaffirmed his pledge to lead everyone, irrespective of their political, religious, or racial background.






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