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You have one more chance – Lawyer Fugar to Prof Addae-Mensah over defamatory claims in ‘My Life’ book


William Edem Fugar, the Managing Partner of Fugar & Company, has given a last severe warning to Prof Ivan Addae-Mensah, a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, over his demand notice in response to claimed defamatory comments in Addae-Mensah’s autobiography against him.

The demand notice accuses Prof Addae-Mensah of causing harm to Fugar’s longtime reputation as a highly regarded legal practitioner on a national and international scale.


Lawyers for Fugar argued in a letter that the false imputations have depicted their client (Fugar) as a negligent and careless lawyer, damaging his professional status.

The notification requests that Prof Ivan Addae-Mensah withdraw the defamatory remarks in his memoirs and issue an unequivocal apology to Fugar within seven days.

Furthermore, the attorneys have requested that the retraction and apology be published in two editions of the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times newspapers.

They also want a credible plan for removing copies of the claimed libelous information from circulation.

Prof Addae-Mensah, through his lawyer, has denied the top lawyer’s charges that he defamed him in his autobiography, “My Life: A Historical Narrative.”

In an open letter dated January 1, 2024, Addae-Mensah responded to Fugar through his lawyer, Azanne Kofi Akainyah of A&A Law Consult, disputing the allegation and advising Fugar to allow peace to prevail in the face of evidence on which he (Addae-Mensah) relied to make his assertions.

The academic’s explanation did not persuade Fugar, who has argued through his attorneys that he was defamed.

Fugar’s attorneys have subsequently instructed Prof Addae-Mensah to comply with the original demand letter within 7 days or face the full force of the law.

“The law on defamation is quite straightforward and our view and that of our client is that right-thinking members of society, in Ghana and elsewhere, would regard the false statements complained of as lowering the esteem of Mr. William Fugar in society and, hence, defamatory.

“Our client has asked us to give your client one more opportunity to satisfy the demands contained in our letter dated 21st December, 2023, particularly regarding the retraction and withdrawal of the offensive passage,” part of the letter reads.

It added, “If we do not hear from you or your client within seven (7) days of the date of this letter with a clear indication in writing that your client is willing to make amends to carry out our demands as contained in our letter earlier communicated to him, our client will institute proceedings in the High Court against him.”



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