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Yaw Nsarkoh: The goat farm in Berekum – the gods are to blame


I just got off the phone with the young man. If his version of events is correct, this is such a ridiculous and infuriating matter we must all get involved.

He says the video he made to share his ordeal has generated media interest. Since that came out, National Security and the Ministry of Agriculture have all made contact. They promised to look into the matter.


I encouraged him not to despair. He was in the process of shutting down the farm.

It is such an inspiring story. A young man that started a community school, then successfully started this farm to provide protein to the students. And has done so successfully for a number of years. He moved back to Ghana to devote his time to this, from San Francisco.

Now the gods do not like goats? Ah! Are we all in 2024? I simply cannot understand how the people of Ghana can let this happen. We must get the young man justice.

It is entirely wrong for any traditional authority, in the name of whatever ritual, to go around slaughtering the goats of private citizens.

This is what bothers me about our Robinson Crusoe Society. Who is in charge?

As this is going to need compromise and accommodation on all sides, I am holding on to some of my very strong views on this Ritualistic-Traditional Bonapartism. These are residual features of feudal society that should not belong to a democracy.

But first, let us solve the problem before us. Then we must talk again about rogue chiefs.

Yaw Nsarkoh,
6 January 2024


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