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Workshop convened to validate community development plans


To aid in the development of a few chosen communities within the Wa Diocese of the Catholic Church, the Wa Satellite Peace Centre (SPC) hosted a one-day workshop to validate a ten-year strategic development plan.

Both the Nimoro and Fielemon in the Sissala West District and the Kaani in the Lambussie District were among the communities.


In order to direct and focus the developmental activities in those communities, the Wa SPC had an impact on the communities’ drafting of strategic plans.

Reverend Dr. Aloysius Nuolabong, the Coordinator of the Wa SPC, said during a workshop in Loho in the Nadowli-Kaleo District that the Centre’s decision to help the formulation of the plans followed the identification of development gaps in those villages, which were hotbeds for conflict.

The Kaani and Fielemon communities were represented by traditional leaders, women’s group representatives, assembly members, and people with disabilities, among others.

In order to assist in mediating some disputes and to encourage peaceful coexistence, Rev. Dr. Nuolabong revealed that the Wa SPC had undertaken a number of interactions with the Nimoro, Fielemon, and Kaani communities since 2016.

According to him, the interaction showed that the disputes in the communities were caused by a lack of development, which made it clear that ten-year strategic plans for targeted development interventions from politicians, development partners, and community efforts were required.

We visited Kaani and Fielemon in 2016 and became involved in their disputes. The Fielemon one involved disputes over land between indigenous and newcomers. They stated that they would not cast a ballot because Kaani was about the district.

The Wa Satellite Peace Centre went and intervened through a series of seminars; some people participated in the voting, but some people did not, and they participated in the voting in Fielemon.

“There was no development in these two settlements. Thus, in 2020, we met with them to discuss the villages’ development requirements and their strengths, according to Rev. Dr. Nuolabong.

When completed, he said, the development plans would be used as a guide for anyone, any group, or any organisation wishing to promote the development of the communities, including politicians and Non-governmental Organizations, to guarantee that their interventions addressed the needs of the communities.

The Wa SPC Coordinator noted that the communities’ development plans were primarily focused on agriculture, youth and women empowerment, education, health, and water and sanitation.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after the meeting, some of the attendees expressed their satisfaction with the development plans and said they would assist the communities in addressing their development requests to politicians.
The Chief of Kaani, Naa Edward Folo, stated that the town’s community development plan had identified education as a critical concern, especially for girls.

Because a portion of the hamlet belonged to the Jirapa Municipality and another portion to the Lambussie District, he also cited divisiveness as a barrier to the community’s quick development.


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