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Why the Asantehene is not part of the National House of Chiefs – Oheneba Ntim-Barimah details


Nana Okogyeedom Oheneba Ntim-Barimah, a chief of Kwahu Tafo, has explained why the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, is no longer a member of the National House of Chiefs.

He claims that the Asantehene is no longer a member of the House of Chiefs because he is protecting the identity of his kingdom, the Ashanti Kingdom.


In an interview with One Ghana TV, Oheneba Ntim- Barimah stated that being a member of the National House of Chiefs indicates traditional rulers in Ghana have accepted the ‘paramount chief’ title imposed on them by the British during the colonial era.

He said that the term ‘paramount chief’ was established by the British to denigrate the stature of the traditional monarchs they came to  to meet so that only the British monarch is referred to as a King.

He went on to say that Ghana’s National House of Chiefs should be a National House of Kings, as it is in other African countries such as South Africa.

“We have accepted having a National House of Chief, which should be National House of Kings. That is why the Otumfuo says he is not a member (of the National House of Chief). People would say, he is being proud but they are protecting the empire.

“We can’t call our monarchs, chief; those of us who served them can be called chiefs… read the bible, which of the 42 kings were called chiefs. Read your bible, we have King Jehosaphat, King Hazia, King, King Jotham, King David… have you ever seen the word chief in the bible? The Bible recognises every monarch as a King,” he said in Twi.

He added, “… Ashantis say Otumfuo, which means a glorious monarch if you want to translate it to English, it means King of Kings. The ruler of Juaben is a King, the ruler of Kumawu is a King, the ruler of Agogo is a King, the ruler of Offinso is a King. And Otumfuo is the head of all of them so he is a King of Kings”.

He stated that certain traditional rulers, notably Dormaahene Osagyefo Agyemang Babu II, have incorrectly recognized that they are not Kings since their aim is “the Asantehene.”

He stated that the traditional rulers should band together to fight to have their existing ‘paramount chief’ title eliminated so that they may be called as kings and the National House of Chiefs be transformed to the National House of Kings.




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