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When receiving remittances throughout the Easter and Ramadan seasons, use official channels


When receiving money from overseas during the holy months of Ramadan and Easter, Ghanaians were instructed by the Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) to use recognised remittance channels.

UMB has created systems that enable customers in Ghana to pick up cash at one of the bank’s branches or have their money deposited straight into their bank accounts after sending money through a number of different remittance businesses.


During a press conference called AbrokyireSika in Accra, the bank provided the guidance in a statement.

The overarching bank initiative, known as Abrokyiresika, aims to teach and educate Ghanaian bank customers on the best methods for receiving money from overseas.

“UMB is unique in the market when it comes to remittances because consumers can collect the money in cash at any of our stores, or straight into their account,” said Nii Armankra Tetteh, Executive Director, Business at UMB.

He claimed that one benefit of getting money from UMB is that consumers have access to it around-the-clock using the bank’s top-tier mobile banking programme, the UMB SpeedApp.

He claimed that when money was sent via UMB for emergency purposes, it could directly reach the customer’s account and the user could easily make that payment via UMB SpeedApp.

The bank offers seven remittance services, including reactivating our partnership with MoneyGram this month, according to Mr. Sam Donkor, general manager of virtual and transactional banking.

We are aware that many Ghanaians have tax refund windfalls in nations like the USA and always prefer to send some of these funds back to Ghana, he said.

The bank should be ready, the general manager stated.

Ria, Vigo, Western Union, MoneyGram, Hey Paisa, Unity Link/World Remit, Transfast, IMT, and Small World Financial Services are some of the remittance companies that support them.


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