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What the Bolewura said when Mahama called on him in Bole


The Bolewura has vowed to canvass 75% of votes in the Bole region for John Mahama in the presidential election on December 7, 2024.

During a courtesy call by Mr. Mahama, Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso, the paramount chief of Bole, exhorted his chiefs and the people of the Bole Traditional Area to lead the campaign for their kinsman, John Dramani Mahama, as President in the 2024 elections.


He claimed that there is a distinct distinction between a buddy and a relative.

He encouraged his sub-chiefs and subjects to guarantee that Mahama and the NDC receive at least 75% of the total votes cast in the Bole area.

The Bolewura believes that the 2024 election is also about empowering the chieftaincy institution, particularly in Gonjaland, and that John Mahama is the man who can provide that empowerment for Gonja chiefs.

The chief was also pleased to welcome his son back to his palace since he was concerned about the growth of Bole and the Savannah region.

This is the stage at which we must restore honor to Bole and Gonjaland by leaving no stone unturned in restoring reputation to the Bole Traditional Area, he continued.

Mr. Mahama spent the first three days of the year in Bole, his hometown.

During his visit, he hosted a gathering of Savanna regional and constituency officials.

With the help of his wife, Lordina, the Mahama family also served hot lunches to youngsters and met with NDC branch executives in the Bole constituency.






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