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Watch as 70-year-old UK-based Ghanaian meets the daughter he gave away 45 years ago for the first time


For 70-year-old Kwesi, it took his whole life to reach the moment where all of his emotional defenses crumbled after discovering the daughter he had at 25 but never saw again until now.

Kwesi had the unique opportunity to reconcile with his mixed-race daughter, Ruth, after all these years, merely because she had to be put up for adoption.


What’s the reason? At the time Kwesi had her, there were still extremely significant moral difficulties surrounding those who had children out of wedlock, and even worse, those involving connections with people of color.

He had no choice but to give her away after finding himself in such a precarious predicament.

Kwesi, on the other hand, told BBC One’s Reunion Hotel, “I always had a belief that I will find her one day.”

Dreams (beliefs) do come true, and Kwesi was able to reconcile with his daughter after 45 years.

The finest aspect of this story is that, while Kwesi had always known such a day would come, which is why he continued seeking for Ruth, his daughter had also been looking for him.

It didn’t take long for both of them to cry and just sit back and marvel at the magic of having ultimately discovered each other during their first encounter.

Any uncertainties are dispelled by their striking likeness.

“You’ve been on my mind for a long, long time,” Kwesi begins his conversation with Ruth.

“It’s not your fault; don’t worry. Children are not responsible for what happened about their parents. You’ve always been there, and I’ve always wanted to just find you and tell you who you are. That’s the reason, because I’m sure you’ve wondered who you are from your Black side.

“And I always knew that. I’m just so, so happy that I’ve found you,” an emotional Kwesi said to his daughter in their first meeting, while drenched in uncontrollable tears.

Ruth had little to say.

“I didn’t even know that you knew,” as she tried hard to fight back her tears.

Kwesi would later find out that all the while, Ruth made as much effort to keep her Ghanaian identity in her family by naming one of her sons by his native name, Kwabena.

Watch the full video below:


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