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Voters select who is handed over, hence Bryan Acheampong’s assertion is meaningless. UG lecturer


According to Dr. Kwame Asah-Asante, a political scientist at the University of Ghana, the claim made by Bryan Acheampong, a member of parliament for the Abetifi Constituency, that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is not prepared to cede power to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has no chance of inciting violence.

The UG don asserts that utterances of this such are to be expected from politicians who are lusting after power and will use all means necessary to sate their desire for it.


He went on to explain that statements like these are irrelevant since voters, not politicians, determine election results.

In an interview with Metro TV’s Evening News on April 10, 2023, he said: “Certainly, it is to be expected from a party that is frantically trying to get its mandate renewed. The fact that he cannot predict who would vote for them, however, renders his assertion meaningless.

“It is their records that will indicate, yeah, he’ll say they won’t hand over power, but when the people cast their votes and choose who should take the helm of the government, you’ll see the reality,”

Was the possibility of the statement encouraging violence questioned?

He retorted, “For the time being, I regard it as a typical comment from a party member who is frantically seeking power.

He continued, “What remark didn’t Rawlings make in the year 2000 around, but when it came time for the election they lost big time, so for me, the statement will come up but the ultimate verdict is with the people.

The New Patriotic Party, which is currently in power, has pledged to use all available resources to win the general elections in 2024, according to Bryan Acheampong.

He claims that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would not win the election because the NPP is not prepared to cede power to them.

He claimed that the NPP has the men to compete head-to-head with the opposition in the elections of 2024.

On Saturday, April 8, 2023, Bryan Acheampong addressed party members following a health walk through the main streets of Mpraeso. He emphasised that “We will show NDC that we have the men if they want to intimidate, harass us, or do anything dumb during the 2024 elections…

We won’t transfer power to NDC; it won’t happen. We’ll employ all strategy necessary to keep NPP in power.


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