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Veterans court support for members


Former Gold Coast Regiment and Ghana Armed Forces servicemen and women admitted to Accra’s 37 Military Hospital have asked the public for assistance in paying their medical fees.

They made the request when the Veterans Administration, Ghana (VAG), previously the Veterans Association of Ghana, paid them a visit to celebrate Christmas.


Many of the former servicemen and women admitted complained about the burden of massive medical expenses, with some expressing their inability to pay them.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, Captain Ben Edmund Duah (retd), Executive Director of VAG, who gave hampers to the veterans upon admittance, emphasized the significance of supporting the men and women who swore to sacrifice their lives for the country.

“I think by and large Ghanaians should realize they have some duty towards people who serve them, but it is unfortunate in Ghana people don’t see it that way, but anybody who serves you, you in return would have to take care of him, especially when they are in need,” he stated.

“This is a period where people should be concerned about veterans on admission so that they won’t feel they have to regret for ever serving mother Ghana.

“These are people who swore to sacrifice for Ghana.

Why should people do that, (and then) at the end of the day when they are too weak to be of any service to the nation, then the nation rejects them?” he asked.

The Executive Director noted that as part of VAG’s endeavor to help its members, the administration developed a clinic to meet the healthcare requirements of its members.

He stated that the clinic was being outfitted with the intention of growing it into a polyclinic to serve women, children, and the general public.

Captain Duah explained that the contribution was made to express gratitude and to instill a feeling of love for the ex-servicemen who were unfortunate enough to spend the holiday season in the hospital.

The executive director, dressed in a red and white ‘Father Christmas’ attire, spoke with in-patients on several wards of the hospital while presenting gift hampers to VAG members.

Beverages, cookies, and tea bags, tins of cocoa drinks, champagnes and energy drinks, among others. were included in the hampers.


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