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Use a condom to prevent becoming pregnant or contracting a STI while visiting Kwahu, advises the health director


Celestine Asante, the director of municipal health for Kwahu West, has urged those taking part in the Kwahu Easter festival to use safer sex techniques.

According to her justification, safer sex helps avoid STDs like HIV/AIDS in addition to unplanned pregnancies.


On Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Nyankonton Mu Nsem, she proceeded by stating that women in particular should insist on using condoms if they wish to engage in sexual activity.

She retorted, “If it’s not on, it shouldn’t be in.” You ought to use cautious. You only have five days to spend in Kwahu. It’s not a good idea to let a brief relationship with someone ruin your life. In Kwahu, the vast majority of things are flings. There won’t be any lasting relationships as a result. Pack several condoms in your baggage as a lady to be on the safe side.

Always insist on using a condom because some of the men you might encounter in the neighbourhood won’t return your calls after you have sex with them. The cost of condoms is not prohibitively high. Although I don’t support having sex, you should get condoms so you can use them if you choose to when you’re out.

She continued by saying that some children are born as a result of their mothers having sex with other people who weren’t intended for them, and that the fathers aren’t even held responsible for these “bastards.”

When unwanted pregnancies occur as a result of some of these sexual encounters, the children who are born without enough financial support become a burden on society. In order to emphasise the need for self-defense, I want to focus in particular on women.

She claims that the Kwahu Easter celebrations have grown into a significant tourism endeavour that attracts visitors from both domestic and foreign countries.

“Having a good time is enjoyable. But you ought to be evaluated. Be watchful and knowledgeable to avoid taking any actions that could put you at risk of contracting an STD.

The medical officer added that they had trouble getting enough condoms this year compared to last.

But, the directorate she identified is initiating a number of initiatives to urge people to have the Covid-19 vaccination.


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