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Transport stakeholders in Ashaiman join forces to reduce traffic congestion


The Ashaiman Municipal Private Transport Operation Coordinating Council (AMPTOCC), the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly, and the Ghana Police Service have formed a task force to address the municipality’s traffic congestion.

AMPTOCC secretary Samuel Amoah claimed at a day’s media engagement that the task force was to help minimize frantic traffic and road accidents in the municipality and guarantee that vehicles loaded passengers at proper terminals in the municipality.


He remarked that the municipality’s congested traffic was caused by cars picking up passengers along the roads and on the main route while other automobiles drove straight behind them.

He went on to say that drivers who were spotted loading in prohibited areas will be detained by the task force at the assembly and fined to act as a deterrence to others.

Mr. Amoah also encouraged the drivers to join the Drivers Union so that they could park their automobiles and load passengers at the various bus terminals.

“We plead with the drivers to join a driving union so that they will be allowed to park their vehicles at the bus terminals and load their passages, because even the road traffic law demands every driver to belong to a union, so the task force would not take any excuse when you’re being arrested,” he shared.

He went on to say that customers frequently come to bus terminals complaining about missing stuff, and when they ask inquiries, they discover that the station master doesn’t even recognize the driver since he isn’t a member of any union or does not load their passengers at the bus terminal.

He recommended travelers to pick up their automobiles at the municipality’s bus terminals in order to reduce such situations.

He also advised passengers to challenge their drivers when they are driving carelessly or disregarding traffic signs, and to cease pressing drivers to go quickly because they want to arrive on time.

He bemoaned the fact that most road accidents in the municipality occur over the holiday season, and he asked drivers to respect all road safety warnings and maintain excellent relationships with their passengers.

Madam Vivian Ayerh, the transport officer for Ashaiman Municipality Assembly, told the Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Office that the assembly is working hard with the AMPTOCC and the police to arrest all drivers and their mates who park vehicles on the main road and use the assembly’s names to misbehave.

She also stated that the assembly had not granted any permits to drivers loading people along the road, and she assured the public that they will do all possible to resolve the problem.







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