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Trader reportedly conned a police officer; court remands him


An Accra Circuit Court has remanded trader Jeffery Owusu, 41, who is accused of defrauding a senior police officer of $15,000, into police custody.

According to reports, Owusu obtained a $15,000 Caterpillar D343 generator from a deputy commissioner of police under the pretence of showing it to a client who needed to buy one, but instead vanished with the generator.


The accused was apprehended when he became engaged in another case, and the complainant in that case gave the Police the information they needed to find Owusu at his hiding place.

Owusu, who is accused of defrauding under false pretenses, has entered a not guilty plea.

In addition to issuing a bench warrant for Owusu’s alleged accomplice Alhaji Dramani Wayo in Kumasi, Ashanti Region who failed to appear in court, the court presided over by Halimath Abdul Baasit remanded Owusu into police custody. Owusu asserts that he sold Alhaji Wayo the aforementioned generator.

It has been postponed until April 26, 2023.
The granting of bail to Owusu was opposed by Inspector A. Ofeibea, who represented Chief Inspector John Gohoho.

According to the case’s circumstances, the accused person lives in Sapeiman, Accra, and the complainant is a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) withheld name who is stationed at police headquarters.

The prosecution claimed that in July 2016, the complainant listed his Caterpillar D343 generator for sale at a price of $15,000 and introduced himself as someone whose client was considering buying the generator.

The prosecution said that Owusu failed to return the generator and was nowhere to be found, even though the complainant had given the accused person access to it in order to exhibit it to the specified client.

According to the report, the incident was reported to the police on February 20, 2017, and the suspect was taken into custody.
According to the prosecution, Owusu admitted the crime in his caution statement and begged the police to let him return the generator or the money, but he was unsuccessful and fled.

A forfeiture bond was placed on Owusu’s surety because it was claimed that all attempts to lure him out of his hiding place had failed. His surety was unable to present the accused.

A similar complaint was made against Owusu on March 27, 2023, and the complainant in that second case helped the Police find Owusu’s hiding place and make the arrest.

The accused allegedly admitted to the prosecution under questioning that he had sold the generator to Alhaji Dramani Wayo in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. Alhaji Wayo was nowhere to be located when Owusu led the Police to him.

When the Police called Alhaji Wayo and invited him, Alhaji Wayo said he “will not report to any Police.”


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