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Tiwa Savage files petition against Davido for alleged threat, harassment


Tiwa Savage, a well-known Nigerian musician, has publicly requested that law enforcement hold Davido liable for any possible damage she may suffer.

Tiwa raised concerns about threats of violence and serious physical injury coming from her relationship with Sophia Momodu, Davido’s ex-partner and the mother of his kid, in a thorough petition filed against Davido.


According to Tiwa, after uploading a photo of herself and Sophia on her Instagram Story on December 23rd, Davido besieged her and her staff with angry messages.

The texts expressed Davido’s displeasure with Tiwa for continuing to date Sophia despite the stormy past between Davido and his ex-partner.

“In response to my Instagram Story, Mr. David Adeleke sent messages to my manager, who is also part of his management team, admonishing me for what he perceived as taunting him. The messages contained disrespectful, malicious, and derogatory words towards me,” Tiwa’s petition stated.

Tiwa went on to describe her interactions with Davido, highlighting her previous support for him throughout difficult moments, such as the loss of his kid.

She conveyed her displeasure with Davido’s inappropriate communications and emphasized her right to live her life free of harassment.

Tiwa also said that mutual acquaintances had warned her about Davido’s alleged threats and rage, urging her to “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f”*k me up.”

She considered Davido’s statements to be harassing, claiming that they breached ethical norms and represented a direct danger to her rights to life, privacy, and dignity, as defined in Chapter 4 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).

Tiwa claimed that Davido’s actions violated Section 24(2)(a), which prohibits and prevents cybercrime.

As a result, Tiwa requested that the police intervene, pleading with them to warn Davido and hold him accountable for any negative repercussions she could suffer.

Davido has not made any public remarks on the situation as of now.






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