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This is one of the darkest days in Ghana’s history – Akofa Edjeani reacts to cancelled New Force event


The postponement of the New Force event titled “The Convention” has infuriated veteran actress Akofa Edjeani.

Akofa Edjeani, a pan-African activist, expressed her enthusiasm when it was announced that some renowned Pan-Africanists will offer speeches at the event.


Her enthusiasm was dashed when the much-anticipated conference was invaded by the country’s national security upon her arrival at Black Star Square.

In a video published by UTV on Instagram, the Ghanaian actress characterized the sad tragedy as “one of the darkest days in Ghana’s history.”

“For me, I am a pan- Africanist and a culture activist. When I heard they were in my country, I had to take a plane to come to listen to them but unfortunately, I was told the convention had been cancelled because there was a military invasion. It is a sad day for Ghana, honestly. I am so sad and disappointed and I hope these renowned Pan-Africanists will speak on the matter on social media for the world to know what happened”, she said.

“I think it’s a disgrace to Ghana. This event was advertised severally so whoever stopped it could have done that while the advertisement was ongoing. If he wanted to call on the organizers and say this would not be allowed, he should have done that and not the night of the event. Look at the number of people here and you invade the place with the military; are we in the Military era? I think it is a disgrace to Ghana and this is a really sad day. I think this is one of the darkest days in Ghana’s history”, Akofa Edjeani added.

On January 7, 2024, a large crowd gathered in Ghana’s Black Star Square to see “The Convention,” which was planned by the New Force political organization.

Renowned Pan-African activists such as South African Julius Malema, Kenyan Patrick L.O. Lumumba, and former Nigerian presidential contender Peter Obi were scheduled to speak at the event.

Unbeknownst to the organizers and Ghanaians in attendance at Black Star Square, the event was interrupted by the country’s national security agents and Ghana Police Service authorities.

Watch the video below:




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