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The US leader of National Cathedral answers to Ablakwa’s exposé


The most recent exposé on the project’s construction by Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the member of parliament for North Tongu, has been addressed by attorney Eric Otchere Darko, a trustee of the National Cathedral of Ghana project in the United States.

The legal expert claims that the MP’s allegations, including the National Cathedral being falsely registered, are fabrications.


None of the clergy members serving on the board of the Cathedral in Ghana are also members of the board of trustees in the US, according to attorney Otchere Darko, because they are not US citizens.

The person must either be a US citizen or a US resident with a green card, he continued, in order for a corporation to be registered in the US under their name.

He stated in Twi during an interview with Okay FM that GhanaWeb was listening to that “The National Cathedral Foundation is a tax exemption company and for such a company can only be registered in the US by an American citizen or a green card holder with a social security number,”

The attorney also disputed Ablakwa’s assertion that Cary Lee Summers, a consultant for the cathedral project, received US$6 million and runs his business out of a warehouse.

The place Ablakwa visited was a warehouse, not Lee Summers’ office, he continued, and to the best of his knowledge, the consultant has received less than $1 million in compensation.

Ablakwa’s words:

An official address provided by the American consultant working on the National Cathedral project, according to Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, actually leads to a warehouse.

He claimed that when he went to the location while on his tour, he found it to be “a ramshackle warehouse with the inscription: Churchill Coffee Company, Wholesale Division,” rather than any offices.

We also made the difficult decision to travel to Springfield, Missouri, where Mr. Cary Lee Summers, who received US$6 million of our funds, is listed on the website of the National Cathedral of Ghana as a consultant for the US.

“When we arrived to that address, there was no evidence of the Nehemiah Group. We were surprised to find a run-down warehouse with the following written on it: Churchill Coffee Company, Wholesale Division,” the man added.

The MP further stated that Eric Okyere Darko, who was listed as a trustee on the Ghana National Cathedral in Washington DC registration documents in the United States, represented Kennedy Agyapong, an Assin Central Member of Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

The MP highlighted on social media that, based on his inspections, the project’s Ghanaian registration information was different from what he had received from the US.

Additionally, there were three people on the US Board of Trustees rather than the majority of distinguished clerics who were included in the Ghana registration paperwork.

Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah, the Executive Secretary for the National Cathedral of Ghana project, is the single personality that unites the two sides.


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