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The President of the FDO urges the government to promote inclusive education


Mr Joseph Atsu Homadzi, National President of the Federation of Disability Organizations, has urged the government to prioritise disability education.

He stated that persons with disabilities had the same potential as everyone else and, as such, deserved educational chances to develop their capabilities so that they could contribute their fair share to the growth of the Ghanaian economy.


Mr Homadzi told the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday that while the government was doing its part to promote the education of individuals with disabilities, “there was a lot more to be done.”

“I am aware that the government is attempting to promote educational possibilities for persons with disabilities, but there is still work to be done.”

Mr. Homadzi discovered a scarcity of teaching and learning materials for persons with disabilities, and that even when resources were available, they were not in an accessible format to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

“Accessible learning and teaching resources, such as braille for blind students, are not provided.” Large print textbooks for children with impaired vision, as well as audios for teaching and learning, are also scarce.”

In order to facilitate successful learning, he said, university students with disabilities required current tools and equipment.
Mr. Homadzi argued in favour of moving away from special schools and towards inclusive learning environments where students with disabilities would attend regular schools.

According to him, doing so would encourage socialising and lessen stigma against those with disabilities.
To improve socialisation and integration into our society, we aim to go from the special school model to the inclusive school model this time.

Mr. Homadzi praised the implementation of inclusive education at the teaching institutions and emphasised that this change will provide instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist students with disabilities in order to improve their academic performance.

The media, funders, businesses, and other stakeholders were asked to support and advance inclusive education in Ghana.



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