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The Ghana Water Company is pursuing defaulters for arrears of GH 800 million


Consumers who owe the Ghana Water Company Limited close to 800 million cedis will be pursued by the corporation.

The corporation claims that the debt is having a negative impact on its business.


Speaking to about the effort to collect all debts owing to the business, which started last month, GWCL Head of Communications Stanley Martey claimed that domestic consumers are primarily to blame.

Consumer debt owed to the GWCL was 600 million cedis as of December 2022. Yet, we became alarmed when we learned that it had increased to 800 million cedis by the end of the first quarter.

“Our chemical suppliers are owed money. Together with all other suppliers, we owe ECG money. In other words, we require the funds in order for them to give us what we require so that we can also provide Ghana’s citizens with water.

The company’s management, according to him, is also on board with the effort to collect all arrears from customers.

“Every member of management is presently on the pitch, working with the district to recover all debts owed to the corporation.”

In truth, all consumer categories owe money, he continued, but domestic customers account for the majority of the debt in terms of volume. Nonetheless, our industrial consumers owe more money in terms of quantity. Although domestic consumers owe more money than industrial and other groups combined, their total debt is still less.

All water users were urged to make payments via the GWCL platforms that have been authorised by Mr. Martey.

Consumers who don’t pay off their debts run the prospect of being disconnected, he claimed.

“We are urging customers to utilise the Ghana Water Company Apps to make payments rather than waiting for us to arrive at their homes. You will be disconnected if you don’t do that and we visit your house. Then you could have to pay the full amount, along with the reconnection cost, and I don’t believe anyone will wait until we get to that point.

According to Mr. Martey, the GWCL won’t give up until all debts are collected.


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