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The family of a Ghanaian woman killed in Brixton laments that “she wouldn’t hurt a fly”


Johanita Kossiwa Dogbey, 31, was attacked by a guy in Brixton on May 1 and was pronounced dead as a result, the Metropolitan Police announced earlier this week.

Johanita was on her way back to the flat she shared with her parents and grandmother after going out to buy a birthday gift when the perpetrator struck.


The crusader for sickle cell awareness who divided his time between Ghana and Togo to concentrate on advocacy has received a poignant obituary from the family.

It was said:

“The news of our daughter’s passing has left us in shock. Johanita was a bright, devoted, and kind young woman who always stepped forward to help others. There isn’t a bad bone in her entire body. She’d never harm a fly. We can’t believe such a senseless act has taken place because we have no idea who could have done this to her.

The statement said, “Our hearts are completely broken and we will never understand why someone would take our beautiful girl away from us. She will always be in our hearts and we will continue to live life as gracefully and beautifully as she did.”

The police verified that the family of Johanita is still receiving assistance from specially trained officers.

Mohammed Nur, 33, a man who has been charged in connection with the murder, has already made an appearance before the Crydon Magistrate Court on Friday, May 5.

On his initial appearance, he only responded to questions about his biography before the judge ordered him to be kept in detention.

He is expected to be arraigned before the Old Bailey next week because the offence is indictable and will be heard there.

“Mohamed Nur is accused of her murder and possession of an offensive weapon,” the BBC reported of Nur’s accusations.

Mr. Nur, 33, is charged with possessing an offensive weapon and causing serious bodily harm to three people last Saturday, according to another count.

The Brixton area’s Town Hall Parade, Brixton Road, and Acre Lane saw two women and one man suffer slash wounds during the course of an hour, according to the Metropolitan Police.


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