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The Africa Social Interventions Festival 2023 is ready to go


The Africa Social Interventions Festival (AFROSIF 2023) edition, which will take place on April 14 and 15, is ready to go.
The topic of this year’s event, “showcasing the voices behind the Africans putting smiles on the faces of the marginalized, underserved, and underprivileged,” would bring social change leaders from around Africa.

In order to explore and exchange ideas about the power of social interventions in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the African continent, the festival would bring together African champions, leaders, policy makers, corporate bodies, professionals, civil society organizations, academics, and citizens social entrepreneurs. Participants would also share their impact stories on social interventions.


Nii Commey, the festival’s organizer, expressed optimism in a message that was published and bears his signature.

We are thrilled about the second installment of the ground-breaking festival, he remarked. We are confident that the numerous engagements will bring about revolutionary improvements in our humanitarian, charitable, and development efforts in Africa.

“At the end, we look forward to strengthening partnerships and networking, allowing participants to showcase their social intervention stories on how their journeys brighten the lives of the underserved and also support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations,” the statement reads.

According to the announcement, “this year is devoted to celebrating the power of social interventions to promote healthy, equitable, and prosperous societies. In total, 11 speakers from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Sudan will cover a wide range of topics, including poverty, health, education, climate change, water and sanitation, and social enterprise fundraising.

Through its Social Interventional Network Africa (SINA), a pan-African network of individuals, business entities, NGOs, donors, social entrepreneurs’ experts, and practitioners in the field of social interventions, Handwriting Communications organises the yearly event.

SINA seeks to share knowledge, encourage cooperation and innovation, and promote best practises and evidence-based solutions in Africa.

All individuals with a passion for social impact and positive change should take advantage of this historic event, the Statement added. The virtual gathering would be broadcast live on Zoom.


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