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The Afransie Community Mining Plan is ordered by Mireku Duker


The government keeps establishing the Community Mining Program in various towns across the nation as part of its ongoing effort to create jobs through ethical and sustainable small-scale mining.

Afransie in the Western Region’s Wassa Amenfi East Municipality is the most recent locality to gain access to the mining module that is mercury-free, modern, and friendly to the environment.


The Wassa-Afransie Community Mining Scheme was officially launched on Wednesday, 5 April 2023, when the Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwadwo Okyere Darko Mensah, the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, and a few traditional rulers joined them.

He emphasised the need for rigorous adherence to the Community Mining Scheme rules and safety precautions during his remarks at the lovely ceremony conducted to commission the project.

According to the Deputy Minister, responsible mining practises include reclamation of lands and 100% avoidance of mercury in the mining process.

Hon. Mireku Duker delivered a mercury-free machine to the operators to aid in the discovery and processing of gold on behalf of the government to deter the miners from breaking the rules.

The Minerals Commission’s licence requirements for mining must be followed. The typical galamsey shouldn’t be used. You must put procedures in place for the reclamation of every area of land you will dig as this location is an alluvial concession. A traditional rule that must be followed is reclamation.

We have machines that will assist you mine for gold that are mercury-free because the government has acknowledged that mercury is hazardous and bad for the environment. In contrast to mercury chemicals, which have an efficiency rate of only 40%, the mercury-free machine will help you find 90% of the gold in the ore.

The Deputy Minister explained that these steps are a part of the government’s effort to clean up the small-scale mining industry.

Hon. Duker reiterated that policies and measures are intended to boost revenue and jobs in the small-scale mining sector while disputing accusations that the government is trying to destroy the industry.

He urged everyone involved in illicit mining, also known as galamsey, to stop because it is damaging and endangers the nation’s water resources and forest reserves.

He urged them to conserve the local waterbodies while noting that the Community Mining Plan will provide the locals with profitable and long-lasting jobs.

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, stated that the government’s top source of revenue is gold and that the administration is committed to further developing the sector.

The community could profit from the concession provided they follow the law, he continued, noting that many cities and nations around the world were founded on the income from gold mining.

In light of this, Hon. Okyere Darko Mensah stated that the CMS is more evidence of the Akufo-Addo administration’s dedication to the mining industry.

Since its commencement in 2021, the Wassa-Afransie Community Mining Program has been launched eighteen times.

It is anticipated to provide 3000 indirect job possibilities in addition to 7,000 direct jobs.


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