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Tema drivers complain about the lack of customers


Drivers at various lorry stations in Tema have complained about the poor demand for their services, saying they had hoped for more customers during the Easter season but were disappointed.

According to some station masters who spoke with the Ghana News Agency, the numerous lorry stations built in the city are to blame for the low patronage.


Drivers would not be concerned about the low patronage, even during the holiday season, if Tema had a unified lorry station for all travellers, according to Mr. James Aserifi, the Station Manager of the GPRTU in Tema, where the drivers travel to Koforidua, Takoradi, and Kumasi.

“There are way too many truck stops in Tema. There is a main station here, but no one is boarding. A 40-seater bus takes 3–4 hours to load. Only three individuals, who have been here for an hour, are loading the second vehicle, he claimed.

“This Easter’s attitude is no different from that of any other day. Even now, we are requesting prayers for the day’s typical two or three cars to move.

The GPRTU’s Kpone Branch Station Master, Mr. Agyie Addo, attributed the poor patronage to financial difficulty.

“The financial issues are severe. I have witnessed how passengers travel during such times because I have been a station master for more than ten years,” he remarked.

“Three years ago, things were better, and people could save for holidays, but things have changed now. People may not be as excited about festivals as they once were because of increased transportation costs.

We are begging the authorities to step in so that things can get back to normal, though.

There hasn’t been a difference in the number of passengers yet, but Mr. Emmanuel Affram, a ticket salesman at Royal VVIP, said he was hopeful that by the weekend because several employees would be on Easter holiday.

He said that security issues could be another factor contributing to the low customer traffic, adding that if the street lights were fixed, people would be able to go at their own pace, “We can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”


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