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Teachers who failed the GTLE were those who had previously failed, according to Dr. Peter Anti


The majority of teachers who failed the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) were people who had attempted to pass the exam in prior years, according to Dr. Peter Anti, executive director of the Institute for Education Studies.

He claims that the instructors who failed the test took the test more than once to pass it and become certified to teach.


Only 1,277 of the 7,728 aspiring teachers who took the GTLE again last month passed.

The percentage shows the 16.5 percent of applicants who retook the exam for teacher licensure.

After that, the GTLE Registrar, Dr. Christian Addai-Poku, voiced worry about the high failure rate and said that individuals impacted had one more chance to retake the test in the later half of the year before its structure and content changed.

According to him, people who failed the redesigned GTLE—also known as the Subject-based GTLE—which will launch later this year—would have to take it again. He made this statement to the Daily Graphic.

But according to Dr. Anti, the National Teaching Council (NTC) has to oust the applicants who had failed over the years in order to apply its new reform with regard to the test.

If you listen to the NTC, they will tell you that many individuals have attempted to become teachers but have failed the exam several times—three, four, or even five times.

In an interview with JoyNews on June 21, he remarked, “So it’s like you bring a group of students together who have not technically performed well over the years and you want to sift them and see whether you would be able to pull any out of the system.

In light of this, Dr. Anti said that the NTC’s upcoming reform would be the cause of the widespread failure of instructors that had been seen.

“Due to the fact that these are people who have consistently failed the papers throughout the years, you are seeing that proportion of failure in terms of the results that were received.

Technically speaking, he explained, “they had trouble passing the scripts, and then when they sat for the final to make sure they are removed from the system so the new reform can take place, this is the result we are getting.”

It is important to help these instructors so they can enter the classroom, according to the executive director of the Institute for Education Studies.

“We shouldn’t cut corners, and we can’t just let anyone into the classroom to teach your ward,” the speaker said. According to Dr. Anti, “We need individuals who are knowledgeable about the subject matter, who are competent communicators, and who are aware of the psychology of the kids they would be working with.


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