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Suspects in the Tarkwa Robbery were given a three-week detention


Three suspects who are being held in police custody for three weeks as they await trial for robbery at the Tarkwa Circuit Court.

The suspects allegedly stole money and gold valued about GH613,000.00 from the KK Gold Buying Shop at Akoon in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality.


Following their initial court appearance on May 3, 2023, they were placed on remand with charges of conspiracy and robbery.

However, no action was taken in response to the appeals of Nigerian Ezekiel Stephen Oghenakaro, 45, Samuel Amaechi Kingsley, 47, and Ghanaian Fataw Awudu, 42.

On May 24, when the prosecution is set to begin, they are anticipated to make a second appearance before the court, which is presided over by Hathie Ama Manu.

On April 18, 2023, the Tarkwa police learned that a group of armed criminals had attacked and looted a gold-buying shop while riding three motorcycles and welding guns.

The police arrived on the site but were informed upon their arrival that the criminals had fled with a bag containing cash and gold valued at approximately GH613,000.00.

The police summoned additional policemen to assist in the arrests after receiving information that the robbers used the Esuoso route.

When the robbers saw the police, they opened fire on them and they returned fire, but the robbers sensed danger and fled with the money bag and their motorbikes.

With the assistance of several neighbourhood residents, the patrol team and the police intelligence division were able to apprehend every suspect.

The three motorbikes and the sack holding GH397,190.00 in cash have now been recovered by the police.

The search for the accomplices of the suspects who are thought to have escaped with more than 100 pounds of gold is still ongoing.


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