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Strike forces University of Ghana to shift freshmen lectures online


The University of Ghana has been obliged to move freshman lectures online.

This is due to the continuing strike by the Senior Staff Association and the Teachers’ and Educational Workers Union (TEWU).


Additionally, the library’s contact hours have been cut from 14 to 9 hours.

On Tuesday, January 24, police reportedly halted the Legon Branch of the Senior Staff Association and TEWU for demonstrating without a permission.

The disgruntled party has flatly disputed the accusation.

Some students have voiced worry that the strike is already affecting their schoolwork.

Ken Botchway, Chairman of TEWU-Legon, has warned that if the government does not respond to their request, they would be forced to lock up test and lecture halls.

“This is my working environment, I hold a condition of service, this is what is supposed to be done. There are managers in place, and if the managers are tempering with the condition of service, we will withdraw our services and that is it.

“No exam will go on. All the examination halls will be locked up. All the necessary tools that will be used for the examination will be locked up. Yes, that is what is going to happen. It is not a threat but we don’t want to get there.

Meanwhile, the NLC’s Executive Secretary, Ofosu Asamoah, says they have called the striking university senior staff and TEWU members.

He criticized the unions’ method for initiating industrial action as incorrect.





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