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Stay in your lane- Medikal warns Eno Barony amidst fresh beef


The rivalry between Eno Barony, indisputably Africa’s top female rapper, and past VGMAs Rapper of the Year Medikal, has changed course.

Despite their dispute, Medikal expressed some goodwill towards Eno Barony in an earlier interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM. Medikal praised Barony’s talent and lyrical abilities, saying that she was superior to many male rappers in the industry.


“You no sey Eno Barony dey rap? I dey drive wey I dey listen one of her songs on the radio, her verse was dope. For a female rapper, she is very dope. She dey rap pass plenty of the male rappers in Ghana apart from me,” Medikal said in Pidgin English.

He continued by saying that because he plays in a separate league than other rappers, he cannot be compared to them.

“You know sey me I dey my zone. I dey do my things different. You no go fit pair me plus any other rapper. I will be the judge. You for put me then am for one song top I go show sey women empowerment no dey work for my top. I go lash am,” he said.

However, it seems Barony misheard what Medikal said and reacted furiously, prompting Medikal to retort with a snide comment. That was exactly what Barony said;

“I think I heard what he said. He said I rap better than most male rappers except him. I think Medikal is a dope rapper and he raps better than most of the female rappers except me.

People dream. Sometimes it is good to wake people up so that they know that some dreams don’t come true.”

In order to do this, Medikal told Pulse Ghana that he thinks his colleague is unclear;

“I think Eno is confused, she does not want to understand that she is a female and I am a male. What I said about her was a big up to her that she can rap but she took it in a wrong way. She should never in her subconscious think that she can come up against me in rap, she should stop the cap. She is dope but she should stay in her lane. Some things are for big men only, big man things”, he said.





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