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SML Ghana and the GRA Board Work Together to Increase Revenue


The Board of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Strategic Mobilisation Ghana Limited (SML Ghana), a revenue assurance audit company, recently convened a stakeholder engagement to establish a sustainable roadmap that both parties might use to accelerate revenue development in the nation.

The engagement’s objective was to enhance good governance by encouraging accountability and openness in the government’s financial operations.


Christian Tetteh Sottie, the managing director of SML Ghana, said during the meeting that it was held at the company’s office in Tema that the two parties already had a successful connection.

The discussion, he continued, will strengthen SML Ghana’s partnership with the GRA as they discussed the obstacles to and opportunities presented by the advancement and success of the country’s increased revenue mobilisation effort.

“We took them through the specific approach of how SML Ghana is utilising technology to better the sector as part of our discussion with the Board, which was part of our mandate to expand our synergies with the Ghana Revenue Authority. We are always on the same page and have great communication when we do this, he said.

By saying, “We appreciate your presence and the effort you put into helping us smoothly perform our daily activities, and we assure you that SML Ghana will continue to put in all the necessary measures and processes in place to ensure a smooth audit process because we understand the impact that these activities have on the overall state of the economy,” Mr. Sottie also reaffirmed SML Ghana’s commitment to increasing government revenue mobilisation.

Dr. Anthony Oteng-Gyasi, board chair for the GRA, praised SML Ghana for adopting and implementing much more effective digital and creative controls, which have improved the government’s ability to generate income.

“SMLGhana has done a good job with what we have seen here today, and we are very happy to know that they keep monitoring in real-time and at all times,” he added. “We hope that these processes should further enhance our tax collection and also increase our revenue mobilisation.”

Dr. Oteng-Gyasi advised SML Ghana to keep funding creative initiatives in order to fix any potential flaws. He also stressed the need of maintaining partnerships because they enhance audit quality and facilitate better revenue mobilisation methods.

“We will admonish you to uphold the norm in terms of the sensors and management tools you employ, and to prevent them from detaching and providing inaccurate results. The GRA is ready to offer the support that is required to achieve smooth revenue assurance because the entire country depends on you for these earnings, he said.

While also praising SML Ghana’s function, the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Dr. Ammishaddai Owusu-Amoah, remarked that the tax authority is rapidly realising the need to use data in revenue collection. So as to help bridge the revenue gap, he said, the GRA would look at other industries where SML Ghana’s audit procedures may be used.

The goal is to be able to grow revenue, and we are happy with what they have done so far. Since they started, we have seen an increase in revenue. Whatever potential we have to look at it in other areas, we will pursue. As a result, he said, “we will keep monitoring the areas where we know that monitoring would help close the revenue gap.

Immediate Effect

The Electronic Metering Management System (EMMS) project was implemented in collaboration between SML Ghana and the GRA’s Customs Division. With more than 20 depots located throughout Ghana, this digital measuring initiative intends to track revenue from downstream petroleum products. The downstream petroleum industry’s GRA has access to an end-to-end audit and assurance thanks to the EMMS’s digitization of the complete process chain.

Since its debut in 2020, SML Ghana’s technological innovations have enabled the petroleum industry to record an average monthly volume of 450 million litres of petroleum products using its metres.


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