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Senior police prosecutor alleges malice and prejudice in controversial arrest ordered by Chief Justice


In reaction to recent internet releases outlining his arrest during Supreme Court hearings in November 2023, a top police officer and lawyer, Assistant Superintendent Akolgo Yakubu Ayamga, has released a thorough rebuttal.

The arrest, which occurred on November 14, 2023, was precipitated by Ayamga’s alleged fervent outburst, which included shouting at Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo and other Supreme Court judges.


Ayamga’s story, as detailed in his rebuttal, questions the truth of the media stories, highlighting subtleties and critical information that were allegedly overlooked.

According to Ayamga, the event occurred when he was presenting a case before the Supreme Court, where he argued respectfully, aggressively, and bravely.

However, Chief Justice Torkornoo’s statement, “you are shouting,” stopped his presentation, prompting an order for him to take his seat.

The quarrel erupted when the Chief Justice allegedly made derogatory statements about Ayamga’s competence and professionalism. In reaction to these statements, Ayamga claims that he calmly and politely replied, causing the Chief Justice to order his arrest.

According to his statement, Ayamga was immediately arrested by a subordinate police officer, brought outside the courthouse, and unjustly imprisoned for almost two hours.

Ayamga claims that his detention was not related to his disagreement with the Court’s decision, as first reported in the media. He emphasizes that just disagreeing with a judge’s off-judgment insulting comment does not justify an arrest, stressing that he submitted to the arrest without obstruction.

Ayamga contends that the arrest was influenced by the Chief Justice’s wrath, bias, and malice, constituting an abuse of judicial power.

“Presumptions aside, a respectful and fearless disagreement with off judgment remark of a judge is not a criminal offence to trigger arrest and detention. The arrest was unconscionable, irrational, unfair and without due process from the perspective of a reasonable, fair-minded and informed independent person.

“The arrest was merely influenced by a rush of anger, prejudice and malice aforethought which constitute impropriety or abuse of prestige judicial power by the Chief Justice,” the prosecutor stated in his rejoinder.

To address the alleged abuse of power, Ayamga has filed a complaint with the Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), who will examine the event and the alleged following cover-up by public officials.

Read the rejoinder below:


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