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Security guard jailed 15 years for stabbing woman with fork


An Accra Circuit Court sentenced security guard Alhassan Abdul Rahuf to 15 years in jail for breaking into a woman’s home without permission and stabbed her twice in the abdomen with a meat fork.

Rahuf, who had initially pleaded not guilty to the counts of breaking and entering and inflicting harm, was found guilty by the trial’s presiding judge, Isaac Addo.


The woman had four stab wounds, according to the court, suggesting that the two-toothed meat fork had been used to stab her twice.

So, on June 14, 2023, the court sentenced the defendant to 15 years in prison with hard labor for breaking into the house without permission and 7 years for harming someone. Both of these sentences must be completed consecutively and at the Nsawam Prison.

The complainant, Rita Owusu, is the facility manager of Arabella house in Cantonments, Accra, and the victim resides at the facility, according to the information provided in court by Chief Inspector Jonas Lawer. The facility’s security was provided by Rahuf, a prisoner who worked for Protea Coin Security Company.

Rahuf requested permission to go the restroom while on duty on April 28, 2023, but he never came back. The victim was getting dressed after taking a bath the next day at 1 p.m. when Rahuf abruptly came in the victim’s bedroom completely naked.

Rahuf took a knife and a meat fork from the kitchen and stabbed the victim in an effort to silence her cries for aid.

The victim, although being hurt, was able to leave the room, but Rahuf was able to get away by cutting the electric fence wire and climbing the wall.

The victim was soon transported by a neighbor to the police hospital, where she got care. Chief Inspector Jonas Lawer also disclosed that Rahuf had broken into the victim’s apartment the day before while she was gone through a window in her children’s playroom.

Rahuf then disguised himself as the victim’s spouse, crept inside the flat, and spent the night there. Rahuf confessed to the crime in his caution statement after being detained at a nearby construction site, and he helped the police locate his guard uniform in the victim’s chamber.

Rahuf defended himself in court without calling any witnesses, while the prosecution presented evidence and called witnesses. Rahuf argued in his defense that he was feeling weak and hungry and had wanted to get food but was unable to do so.

He said that after breaking into the victim’s home to relax, he accidently stabbed the victim after grabbing the firearm to threaten her.

Rahuf’s claims of self-defense or accident were rejected by the judge, who emphasized that the nature of the offenses showed premeditation.

The judge stated that Rahuf would not have been able to cause the victim to sustain such serious injuries or climb a wall if he were indeed weak.

Rahuf was a first-time offender, but the judge also noted that it was his duty as a security guard to safeguard lives and property, which he had blatantly failed to do in this case.




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