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Scrap-dealer jailed for theft, causing damage at Ghana Armed Forces premises


An Accra Circuit Court has found guilty a scrap trader who stole a number of iron rods from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

Wisdom Adjovu, 34, was given a two-month term with hard labor after admitting to the crime and damaged the Forces’ concrete slab.


Lance Corporal Prince Acheampong, the complainant, is an investigator with the Ghana Military Police, Burma Camp, according to Police Inspector Wisdom Alorwu, who testified before the court, which is presided over by Mrs. Susanna Eduful.

Adjovu, he said, was a scrab dealer who resided in the La Old Court neighborhood.

The prosecution informed the court that the Labadi Villas, where the witnesses in this instance worked as sanitary workers, contained some quarters for the Ghana Armed Forces.

On August 16, 2023, one of them noticed Adjovu, the prisoner using a large hammer to smash one of the concrete slabs, while they were doing their routine rounds of the sewage disposal site.

The defendant had previously hidden four pieces of 12 mm iron rods in a white bag, the court was informed by a witness who swiftly arrested the defendant.

The offender attempted to flee, but the witness, Police Inspector Alorwu, phoned for help and was able to stop him.

Following an instant report from the witnesses to the Military Police, Adjovu was detained and taken to the La Police, where a formal complaint was made.

According to the prosecution, the defendant confesses to the crime while being questioned and before being charged.







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