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Sanzie women worry that the water problem will have an impact on the economy


Women in Sanzie, a farming village in the Wa West District, claim that as the rainy season approaches, the lack of appropriate boreholes in the area will negatively effect their agricultural and other economic activities.

They claimed that because they had to waste time waiting in line at the borehole for water before they could do anything else, women and girls in the community were the ones who suffered the most from the water issue.


In an interview at the community, Madam Abena Maaloo, a resident, explained that in addition to the effect of the circumstance on their production, women occasionally argued with their husbands on the farm because of the time they spent at home prior to arriving to the field.

According to her, the challenges were made worse by the fact that there was only one borehole in the neighbourhood supplying both the residents of Sanzie and those of the Kori village.

Another resident, Mr. Caesar Dabuo, stated that women and girls faced difficulties because the population of the communities had outgrown the borehole’s capacity.

He pointed out that the one borehole was relied upon by more than 400 women in the neighbourhood.
“More than 400 women live in these two settlements, and they all rely on this single borehole.

As a result, the borehole operates continuously for 24 hours and is easily damaged. When it degrades, too, only God knows where we will obtain our water, he continued.

If the hamlet had enough water sources, several of the members claimed they could have participated in dry season farming to make a living.

The local Assembly Member, Mr. Ephraim Y. Dassah, observed that an NGO had pledged to drill a borehole for the town, but he expressed uncertainty regarding the timing of the involvement.

In order to help the Sanzie and Kori communities, particularly the women and girls, overcome the difficulties they were currently facing, he made an appeal to charitable organisations and people.
According to Mr. Dassah, the absence of a dam in the neighbourhood has an impact on how animals are raised there.

The Assembly Member said, “We want to involve the EU roads project contractors in the electoral area so that they can build a dugout where they will fetch the gravels in the process so that at the end of the day we will not lose and they will also gain.”


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