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Santa 1995 hands over Otwasuom stem project to ADISCO


Otwasuom Osae Nyampong, Board Chairman of Genser Power Africa, finished and handed over a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) block to Adisadel College in Cape Coast on behalf of the 1995-year group.

To guarantee that the facility does not lose its luster, Nana Nyampong has established an investment fund that will generate around GH90,000 cedis every year to maintain it.


Nana Nyampong, a member of the 1995 year group, said he was approached by several members of his year group to help finish the facility, which was then on the ground level.

To that end, he stated that contractors were replaced and that the facility was eventually finished early last year.

He stated that it was critical that management and personnel make significant efforts to guarantee that the institution was maintained for future generations and that it served its function.

The building, which has six unfurnished laboratories, will offer students with access to current technology for successful STEM teaching and learning.

He expressed concern that the facility, which was finished early last year, had 100 louvre blades removed.

He said that some pupils opted to defecate on the stairway, despite the fact that the facility had been thoroughly cleaned prior to its inauguration.

Nana Nyampong thought that STEM will play an important role in the future, and that well-equipped pupils needed access to the correct learning facilities.

He avoided discussing how much money was spent on the project, claiming that no amount of money could be compared to the lives that would be impacted.

He emphasized that all parties must be genuinely concerned about the education of children.

He reprimanded the administration and personnel to keep the facilities in good condition.

He recommended the pupils to work hard in order to take advantage of chances in their environment in order to attain their goals.

The headmaster of Adisadel College, Samuel Agudogo, stated that the facility will enhance efficient STEM teaching and learning and thanked Nana Nyampong and all those who labored to make the initiative a reality.

He promised to work hard to keep the facilities in good condition.






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