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Sammy Gyamfi criticises Bryan Acheampong for believing that a low-ranking ex-US airman is the sole representative of Ghana


Bryan Acheampong, Member of Parliament for Abetifi and Minister of Food and Agriculture, recently made a political “boom.” Sammy Gyamfi, National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Party [NDC], has responded.

On Saturday, April 8, the minister declared that his party would never cede control to the opposition National Democratic Congress after the 2024 General Elections while speaking at a New Patriotic Party [NPP] event in the Eastern Region.


The MP’s remark has drawn a lot of criticism, particularly from NDC members who dared him and others to try to rig the 2018 elections.

In a Facebook post responding to the comments, Sammy Gyamfi called them “ludicrous tantrums.”

To further emphasise the idea that the people, not a political party, held power, he also emphasised the significance of sovereignty.

Furthermore, he disparaged the minister’s two-year stint in the US Air Force, which he claimed was unsatisfactory from a military standpoint.

He also gave me something that looked like a brochure, which had Acheampong’s picture and his Air Force credentials on it.

Bryan Acheampong’s absurd outbursts should be ignored. The people hold the true power; it does not belong to a man who spent only a brief two years in the United States Air Force as an Airman Basic (the lowest enlisted rank immediately below airman).

“By 2024, the majority of Ghana’s electorate will undoubtedly vote for change, and no one can thwart their desire.”

“If Bryan and his ilk are driven by the desire to escape punishment for the wrongdoing they committed during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections and the 2020 elections, they are gravely misguided, as things won’t carry on as usual. Notification is hereby given,” he wrote in his post.

According to Bryan Acheampong, the ruling New Patriotic Party will use all of its resources to win the general elections in 2024.

He claims that because the NPP is not prepared to cede power to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), his party will be well-prepared for the election.

He claimed that the NPP has the men to compete head-to-head with the opposition in the elections of 2024.

After a health walk through the main streets of Mpraeso on April 8, 2023, Bryan Acheampong addressed the party faithful and emphasised that “We will show NDC that we have the men if they try to do intimidate, harass us, or do anything dumb during the 2024 elections… We won’t cede control to NDC, thus that won’t happen. We will take every action necessary to keep NPP in power.


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