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Samantha Armytage throws support behind Australia Day: ‘Best country in the world’


Samantha Armytage has expressed her endorsement of Australia Day despite the recent controversial discussions surrounding the festivities. The television personality seemed geared up to enthusiastically observe the day when it is commemorated this weekend on January 26.

Using Instagram as her platform, the host of Farmer Wants a Wife posted a picture featuring ten flags arranged in a silver cup on a coffee table in her residence.


The presenter then write on top of the snap: “Best country in the world.”

This year, numerous stores and local councils have opted out of Australia Day events as public opinions shift regarding holding commemorations on January 26. On this date in 1788, the First Fleet of British convict ships arrived at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson, establishing the colony of New South Wales.

However, for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, this day’s anniversary is not a cause for celebration, as it symbolizes the commencement of the dispossession and marginalization of Indigenous Australians. Reconciliation Australia, the national organization dedicated to fostering reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, notes that many Aboriginal people aspire to celebrate Australian values and freedoms but find it challenging to do so on January 26.

Last week, Woolworths supermarket faced significant criticism when it was disclosed that the store would cease the sale of Australia Day merchandise due to insufficient sales. Woolworths has since emphasized that the decision is not indicative of an anti-Australia Day stance by the supermarket giant.

“I’m very proud of myself for doing it. And I’m quite chuffed at how people have reacted; and by that I mean my friends and family and also people I don’t know on the street,” she said.

“I haven’t been on air for two years, so people could have forgotten me.”

In the meantime, Amytage shared last year about the considerable relief she experienced after leaving her role in breakfast television in 2021. Having hosted Weekend Sunrise from 2007 to 2013, she later transitioned to co-host Sunrise with David Koch on weekdays until her announcement of departure in 2021. After enduring 14 years of early morning starts, she expressed gratitude for reclaiming her evenings—a sentiment echoed by fans of the show who approach her in public.

“I still will be having drinks with girlfriends and they’ll say, ‘Good on you, we’ve got your back and we’re so glad you can stay up now – it’s 8pm and you’re still out of bed!’ And then people on the street, viewers and listeners, people are so divine. They’ve just been so supportive. I love the fact that people will still lean over the trolleys in Woolies and grab me on the arm and say, ‘I really miss you and I’m so happy you’re happy.’”






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