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Put your needs before Christ – Christians told


Pastor Borngreat Selasi Amedeka, Resident Minister of Takoradi’s Pentecost International Worship Center (PIWC), has urged Christians not to prioritize their own wants before Christ Jesus.

He stated that Christians should prioritize Jesus over their necessities since Christ is capable of providing them with relief from their issues.


He quoted from Luke 5:1-11 and “said Peter chose to put Jesus ahead by offering his boat to be used, which led to a bumper catch hitherto they could not catch anything”.

Pastor Amedeka made the request while speaking on the theme “Cast Your Net Into the Deep” at a church service to usher in the new year.

He implied that, despite the fact that Jesus was a carpenter’s son and most likely a carpenter with little expertise of fishing, Peter opted to listen to Jesus.

He stated that Christians may be victorious in all they undertake if they reject human approaches and follow Christ’s leadings and promptings.

He went on to say, “We will receive our miracles in 2024 if we will put Jesus before us.”

According to him, the surface-scratching Christian will always obtain surface results, but when you dive deep into God’s things, you will find comfort.

He emphasized that the depth may be scary and life-threatening at times, but that no height was gained without danger.

Pastor Amedeka went on to say that there was enough of room in the deep for people to traverse, which may keep them away from odd contests.

He stated that the resources required for the next level of one’s task are housed in the

“Some of the ways to go deeper are our faith in God, our prayer life, our offerings and sacrifices, righteousness, and holiness.”

Others are our business and professional adventures, and our commitment to church, marriage, and family relationships.



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