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Possibility for paragliding sports in Ghana at Shai Osudoku Hills


It has been observed that the Shai Osudoku Hills make a good skyline for paragliding activities.

The number of paragliding places in Ghana will rise to two as a result. It is up to the Ghana Tourism Authority to further develop this resource into a domestic tourism destination, according to Captain Ed Stein, the man behind the Kwahu Paragliding Festival.


An annual occasion, the Kwahu Paragliding Festival is now a component of the Kwahu Easter celebrations.

The inaugural paragliding event began in 2005 and was dubbed the Kwahu Easter Festival in 2010.

The stunning event brings together seasoned and skilled pilots from all over the world to fly hundreds of passengers throughout the three to four-day event at Kwahu Atibie, a small village in the Kwahu South District.

The Atibie Road runs alongside the Odweanoma Mountain.
Over the years, the Kwahu Easter Festival has gathered hundreds of people and provided them with unforgettable experiences. Seven pilots in total, including six foreigners and one Ghanaian, are participating in the event this year.

According to the tourism organisation, 37 persons got the chance to fly the 200 people who were intended to participate in this year’s trip on Friday.

On Saturday, 12 persons had the option to fly as of 10 a.m.
GBC News spoke with a few of the travellers, the person responsible for Ghana’s paragliding instructor, and a representative of the Ghana Tourism Authority.


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