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Politicians who promote violence must be reprimanded by the Peace Council, says the Pentecostal Apostle


In front of the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue, the Koforidua Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has urged the National Peace Council to quickly summon politicians who encourage violence to order.

He said that maintaining the nation’s peace should not be sacrificed for any individual gain.


God is the one who chooses leaders. If God doesn’t want you to be President it is God who make choices it is not your effort. In order for Ghana to maintain the current state of peace, they should be patient and kind. We don’t want the system to encounter any issues or disruptions. For us to enjoy our peace, the Peace Council should summon such individuals (anyone who incites violence) and counsel them.

Apostle Mike Etrue’s remark follows a threat by Member of Parliament for Abetifi Bryan Acheampong, Minister of Food and Agriculture, that the New Patriotic Party, the current government, will never cede power to the major opposition NDC.

The NPP will show the opposition party that “we have the men they dare attempt to use threats, violence, and engage in stupidity in the 2024 general election,” said to Mr. Acheampong.

The NDC stated that it would oppose any attempt made to undermine the decision of the Ghanaian people in a statement issued by the party’s general secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey.

According to Apostle Etrue, a member of The Church of Pentecost’s Executive Council, politicians need to be careful what they say when they emphasise that “election is the people’s choice.” Politicians must be careful with their words since everyone is free to do what they like.

Politicians, according to him, should concentrate on outlining to the electorate the practical policies and programmes that would advance the nation’s development and raise the standard of life for its citizens.

“Electorates will base their decisions to cast a ballot on your views and policies. But the problem is that the electorates in Africa are making so much noise that we are unable to even communicate our policies to them. Even if some of the manifestos are completely bloated with unattainable goals, we don’t criticise them. We want the European Union to hold elections and all other gatherings in a peaceful manner. When you go to order European countries, whatever you say, you make sure you do it.

This was declared by Apostle Mike Etrue at the conclusion of the Koforidua Area of the Church of Pentecost’s 2023 Easter Conference, which had as its theme “That I may Know Him and the Power of His Resurrection.”

He exhorted the congregation to embody Jesus’ power to rise from the dead in order to perform miracles and act as agents of transformation.

Many Chiefs, Queen mothers, and the Hon. Michael Okyere Baafi, Member of Parliament for New Juaben South, were present at the service.

The Member of Parliament thanked The Church of Pentecost for its tireless efforts to further Ghana’s development and spiritual development in a brief address.

He asked for ongoing prayers and support for President Akufo Addo as he diligently strives to restore the nation’s economy.

He declared that Koforidua’s Pentecost Senior High School had been chosen to participate in the government’s “smart school model initiative,” which will turn the institution into a hub of academic achievement.


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