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Political freedom without economic emancipation is meaningless – Julius Malema tells Ghanaians upon visit to Ghana


Julius Malema, a South African politician, offered a strong message during his recent visit to Ghana, arguing that political freedom is useless without economic liberation.

Malema, known for his strong advocacy for economic fairness and pan-African solidarity, underlined to the media the necessity for Ghana and other African nations to break free from colonial-era economic restraints.


He highlighted Ghana’s strong democratic past, calling it one of the continent’s oldest. However, he disputed the current economic environment, claiming that, despite political independence, Ghana’s means of production are still dominated by companies with colonial antecedents.

“Ghana’s democracy is very old compared to other democracies in the continent but the means of production are still owned by those who previously colonized us,” he stated.

He emphasized the fundamental gap between political sovereignty and economic control.

“And how do we go beyond that because political freedom without economic emancipation is meaningless and this type of engagement seeks to ensure that the people of Africa are aware that if we stand divided only the imperialist and colonialist stands to benefit,” he added.

He also remarked that, despite its democratic successes, Ghana has had economic issues.

He urged Ghanaians to critically analyze the mechanisms that perpetuate economic reliance and aggressively seek opportunities for economic self-determination.

He also emphasized that a unified Africa posed a challenge to external interests that have traditionally profited from a divided continent.

He thus urged African nations to unite, arguing that only collective effort could help the region escape economic enslavement.



“The unity of Africa is a threat to the enemies of Africa,” he stated.



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