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Police tactics from 1990 cannot be employed in 2023, says Peter Toobu


The recent assaults on some security officials, according to the Wa West MP, pose a threat to national security.

Thus, Peter Lanchene Toobu demands a quick examination of the current operating procedure.


He argues that because society is always changing and because people are more sophisticated and complicated than ever before, the police strategy that was utilised in the past cannot be applied today to produce the same effects.

“The 1990 policing style cannot be applied in 2023; instead, we must aggressively engage in police recruiting, training, and positive vetting.

In an interview with JoyNews’ AM Show on Monday, he said, “It tells us as a people that we should begin to look at police public relations, that as the police institution grows in numbers, heading towards 50,000, and as the citizens become more complicated and sophisticated, we need to think differently.”

The police detained six people last Friday after they attacked a police officer at the Wono Akotsosu snap checkpoint in the Kumawu District of the Ashanti Region. His statement follows the police’s detention of those six people.

This comes after unlicensed miners in Axim in the Western Region attacked two police officers in a similar manner.

As a result, the legislator, who was formerly a police officer, asserts that the standards for hiring police officers ought to be reconsidered.

He stated that the majority of present police officers are underqualified for their positions and are merely employed to collect a monthly salary and support themselves.

“You cannot give individuals uniforms to wear when they have not had positive vetting, it will bite us, there are many people in the uniform and they are not supposed to be in uniforms, but they’re searching for a job to make a wage at the end of the month,” said one official.

If you’re searching for money and you find yourself wearing any of the uniforms, you’re out there for danger and you’re actually a danger to the security system that you serve, and that’s not the correct thing to do, Mr. Toobu continued. “The enthusiasm to wear the uniform is not there; they want a wage.

Isolated assaults on some military and police officers in various sections of the nation have raised suspicion.


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