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Police out of order on 31st Watch Night prophesy communication directive – Lawrence Tetteh


Rev. Lawrence Tetteh, the founder of World Miracle Outreach Church, has claimed that the Ghana Police Service instruction on how to convey predictions during Watch Night services on December 31st is invalid.

Dr. Tetteh declared on GHOne TV with Lantam Papanko that the police should not apply the mentality of a few Pastors to other reputable ministers of God.


According to him, the Police instruction is an attempt to prevent the Church from conducting its duties as men of God.

“I have never been in favor of that circular that comes from the Police. I dare say that on 31st what I want the Police to tell us is the hazard and security consciousness that we need. Highway robbery and how our houses should be well protected.

“What to do to protect our houses from thieves breaking into our houses rather than police prophecies. I have never been in favor of that. I don’t agree at all, I think it is out of order. It is about time Christian leaders in Ghana wake up to this thing, otherwise one day it will come and bite us because of a few people who give prophecies that we seem to be upset about,” he added.

The Ghana Police Service has warned the country’s religious leaders to avoid prophesies that would cause panic among Ghanaians during the 31st night watch night service.

During church services on December 31st, many pastors have become notorious for giving outrageous prophesies and predictions that frequently induce panic and anxiety among Ghanaians.

However, the police stated in a statement that they are thankful to faith-based organizations and people for their compliance with the law thus far, particularly in sharing prophesies.

“The Police would like to remind the public that while we have the right to practice our faith and freedom of speech as guaranteed by our constitution and democratic values, we want to reiterate that the enjoyment of these rights are subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the public interest.

“As we have come to consider December 31th as Prophecy Communication Compliance Day, the Ghana Police Service is once again urging religious communities to practice their faith within the legal framework,” the statement explained.




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