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Police officer runs to radio station after being duped GH₵15,800 by civilian


An officer with the Ghana Police Service is enlisting the assistance of a local radio station to recover GH15,800 he paid to a citizen who failed to deliver a car part he bought from him in 2023.

The officer said on Sompa FM’s Sompa Nkomo show that he went to Kumasi with a buddy to buy a car, and that on the way back to Enchi, the automobile caught fire, damaging certain sections.


When contacted by the seller of the automobile, he denied any involvement in the event and requested a legal settlement, which he (the police officer) declined and followed the advise of a buddy to proceed with the repair.

The suspect who sells vehicle components came spotted the car when it was parked at a maintenance shop and approached the police as a businessman who imports spare parts from Dubai.

The police officer claimed he agreed to have the alleged businessman identified as Francis Nsiah alias Akwes help him import the burnt component of the automobile from Dubai based on the advise of his technician.

“On April 4, he called me that he had arrived in Dubai and the converted price of the part in Ghanaian cedi was GHC14,800 with an additional charge of GHC2,900.

“He proposed that he was receiving some payment from someone back in Ghana and so he will let me send the payment through that individual to cut down the cost of the charge.

“He sent me the person’s number which I confirmed and he demanded that I add GHC1,000 to the amount to make it GHC15,800 to be added to his to send. I sent the money and he confirmed receipt of payment,” he stated

He went on to say that Nsiah assured that the part will be in Ghana in three months.

However, after three months of waiting, he received a series of stories from Nsiah. When he called to inquire on the status of the package, he realized he had been deceived by the suspect.

The officer said he has since utilized all legal avenues including filing a formal complaint against the suspect to retrieve his money but without success.

“I made a formal complaint which led the case to be called at the Enchi Magistrate Court, the court gave an order for an itemized bill to be retrieved from MTN showing the vendor who received the payment on his behalf. The vendor was picked up and brought to Enchi but since he had only played the role of receiving and forwarding the money to him in Dubai, he was not complicit. The vendor however agreed to assist us since he had been doing business with him. He led us to his workshop around Glory Hill Hotel at Santasi Roundabout in Kumasi. His apprentice told us that he had not returned and we waited for him without success.

“I have done everything on part as a police officer without success. A friend told me that your programme could help me retrieve the money which is my I have come here,” he stated in a live phone call.

Listen to the police officer in the video below:



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