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Police have detained a 45-year-old businesswoman for falsely renting out a facility that she didn’t own


In order to rent out the warehouse she had rented to another merchant, a 45-year-old entrepreneur pretended to be the landlord and was placed into police detention.

This report was seen in the Chronicles Newspaper on June 15, 2023.


The report states that in July 2021, the accused, whose name is provided as Peace Kyerewaa, rented the Tudu warehouse from one Alhaji Suleman Yushua for GHC 3,500 per month.

Peace, on the other hand, leased the same area for five years to a colleague for the price of GH$80,000.00.

After learning of the incident, the complainant, who goes by the name Patient, contacted the police on May 18, 2023, which resulted in the arrest of the suspect.

She was then charged with defrauding under false pretences at an Accra High Court, but on June 13, 2023, she entered a not guilty plea in front of His Honour Samuel Bright Acquah.

According to the case’s basic facts, which were presented in court, Peace Kyerewaa, who was living in Manhea, Accra, on December 1, 2022, promised to rent a warehouse in Tudu to the complaint—also known as the Patient—for a total of GH 80,000.00 over five years.
The complainant made a cash payment for the amount for the time period specified by the accused in a falsified lease agreement.

The two ladies were called to a meeting on April 30, 2023, according to the report, by Alhaji Suleman, who appeared to be the building’s original landlord.

The complainant was told at the aforementioned meeting that the space did not, in fact, belong to the accused as she had stated.

The prosecution attorney informed the court that on July 1, 2021, Alhaji Suleman Yushua rented out his warehouse to the defendants in exchange for GH3, 500.00 in monthly fee.

Further investigation found that the defendant created a five-year tenancy agreement, signed it, and gave it to the complainant while assuming the identity of a landlady.


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